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Built-in cable replacement - Sennheiser HD598 Ivory

Hi all, Recently tried to fix my Sennheiser HD598. this included butchering up the cable and kinda frankensteining it together. this works, however, the wires are without insulation and the audio drops out when they get too close to one another. The headphones have a non-detachable cable, and was wondering whether there were any hacks you guys knew of.


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Hey Spencer, a bit of Heat Shrink Tubing might be what you're looking for. slip a little bit over each wire and use a lighter to heat the tube to the proper size.

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Hi @jmehnert,

If the wires needed to be unsoldered to get the heat shrink over them and then resoldered, just use the barrel of the soldering iron and run it along the heat shrink to get it to shrink to fit snugly without it moving.

It doesn't take long.

Also not everbody has a lighter.

I gave mine away 40 years ago when I finally gave up smoking. ;-)



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