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MBP not turning on but sleep light is on

I was trying to watch a movie in my '06 MBP and suddenly I got a message "Disk can not be read" (movie was on a flash drive), then the screen turned off and the keyboard remained on. I decided to plug off the computer since it doesn't have a working battery (it works connected to its original 85w charger) after doing so, every time I try to turn it on the sleep light goes on and the DVD drive spins for a brief moment, but it does not do anything else (the screen is pitch black).

I've tried resetting SMC to no results, I can't try resetting PRAM because the R letter of the keyboard does not work.

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Just found the solution, I replaced the RAM module with a 1GB one, then booted the computer and it turned on! After that, I cleaned the original RAM module (2gigs) with rubber, put it back and it is working!

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