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Created November 5, 1955, by Doc Brown Enterprises

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My bath fan flux capacitor is interfering with my takion array.

Panasonic bath fan / light is not working. Model # FV-11VQL4 Light works but fan does not. Switched out the condenser. Still not working. Would rather not spend $300 on a new one.

Please call 858-357-7647

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Hi @bca1962

Here's the wiring diagram for the unit from the service manual.

Use an Ohmmeter to check if the fan motor winding is OK or burnt out.

If the motor is faulty the part number is FFV3700234S (I think). Check on fan motor to verify. There is a parts list in the manual but it is for 3 models and maybe I linked the wrong number.

If the motor is faulty search online using the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

Is the interference still there with only the light on? If so it may be the ballast for the light. Happens sometimes with fluorescent lighting

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