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Cosori Smart 5.8 qt air fryer model CS158-AF needs new NTC temp sensor

Am getting error "E1" on the Cosori display when trying to use it. This error means the NTC sensor is open circuited, which I verified with an ohmmeter. Does anyone know where I might find a replacement? Or have information on the sensor itself? For example is it a 50K sensor, or 100K or 10K? Or what it is officially called by Cosori? I've searched using "Flange casing thermistor air fryer oven probe" and had many hits from suppliers in China.

Update (09/01/2022)

Pictures of NTC thermistor removed from Cosari air fryer:

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @greg82000,

Is there any model information on the sensor itself?


Yes, part number is JT-100K


I've contacted Cosori about getting a replacement part and here is their response. Bottom line is they don't provide replacement parts.

Thank you for your patience. After contacting our product team, we were unable to find the temperature sensory part. While we are unable to provide information or a replacement on that part, you may use your own discretion and see if there are any home appliance stores near you. We thank you for your understanding. Have a great weekend.


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Hi @greg82000

Here's just one supplier of the part.

There are others online. Just search for JT-100K Thermistor to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

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Thank you for the link. Your answer was somewhat helpful. I'm looking for the thermistor drop-in replacement though. Below are some pictures of it.

Best regards,




Unless you can find a service manual or a parts supplier (I couldn't find either , only "accessories" for the fryer, not parts) to find the part number for the complete part thermistor and mount you may have to resort to trying to remove the existing thermistor from the mount (looking at a zoomed in image it appears to be sealed into the tubular metal housing with some sort of sealer) and then inserting the replacement and sealing it at the end again with a suitable temp rated sealer.

just what i would try if unsuccessful in finding the complete part.



Hi Jayeff,

Yes, that is my next step if Cosari's support team does not come through with a solution. Did call Cosori support & they said they don't provide spare parts to customers. They suggested I take it a repair shop. So I asked if repair shops can get spare parts and the support person says he doesn't know of any shipments of spares to repair shops. But he will check with supervisor and send me an email with the answer.

He confirmed in response to my questions that if the product breaks outside the warranty period, Cosori expects the customer will just buy a new unit.



p.s. Thank you for your efforts researching this.


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