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Series of HP Pavilion laptops released in 2015. The 15-p is more difficult to service then later 15-x models.

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does anyone have recovery media for the hp pavilion 15-p091sa?

hard drive was changed and erased, with the original recovery on it, now its gone

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Hi Ethan,

What are you attempting to recover? What is gone? You don't make this clear.

How was the drive eraesd? Standard (where the file index uis removed) or secure (where the sec tors are over written)? Have you tried one of the freeware data recovery apps to see if anything is still on the drive?

If it is just Windows 10 you want it is already digitally recorded with Microsoft so just download the media creation tool (Create Windows 10 installation media section) and make a USB copy of the installation files. Their site will explain all this.

For your drivers:

Click on 1 Windows 10 and 2 version Windows 10 64bit and then click on "All drivers". This is just insurance as Windows 10 generally selects the right drivers during the install.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions just ask.

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Well I will suggest you to use a good data recovery software which ca help you in recover data from the hard drive. So I will suggest to use a good data recovery software called Advanced file Recovery can be good option for you to recovery data.

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