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The TexSpray RTX2000pi is a texture sprayer made by Graco for spraying orange peel, splatter, knockdown, and popcorn texture on walls and ceilings. Serial numbers 17H573 (RTX2000pi), 17H574 (RTX2000pi Rental), and 17K301 (RTX2000pi RentalHD).

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How do you replace the pump hose inside the unit?

How to replace the pump hose inside the unit ?

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The unit uses a peristaltic pump, with two motor driven rollers alternately squeezing the hose and pushing material forward. You will need a #288623 replacement pump hose. This is for an RTX2000pi. The 1400 pi and 2500pi are very similar.

  • Turn off the sprayer and wait 7 seconds for power to dissipate
  • Unplug the sprayer
  • Back off the material feed control to minimum so the tension on the hose is less.
  • Relieve the air pressure in the air hose with the priming valve.
  • Disconnect all the hoses from the front of the unit.
  • Remove the material hopper.
  • Remove the pump access door on the left side of the unit. It's the side opposite the switch side
    • You will need a 3/8" nut driver to undo the bolt.
    • You can rotate it up out of the way and then tighten the knob that also holds the plate so it stays up
  • Remove the knob right next to the place where the hopper connects to the inlet port . This holds on the hose plate.
  • Lift off the hose plate.
  • You can slide the pump hose to the left
  • Squeeze the pump hose together and remove it from the unit.
  • Install the new hose (the clear part toward the rollers).
  • Slide it to the right so the grooves on the hose couplings are held by the front plate of the unit.
  • Replace the hose plate and reassemble the remainder of the unit in reverse order.

Here's a link to a video from Graco of the whole process.

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