PS3 Super Slim turns on and off by itself (more details)

I was trying to fix my PS3 because it was stuck on a loop trying to update, I found a helpful video and followed the steps. I created a partition on the hard drive, as the video instructed, and then put it back on the PS3. When I tried turning it on, it would turn on for a few seconds, with the green light, then turn off with no light. I tried turning it on after removing the hard drive and it turned on correctly, so there's an issue with the hard drive. Thing is, I can't find anything online to help me on what to do in this situation. What do I do? The best situation would be not to buy a new hard drive and try to fix the original one (formatting is okay), but if it's absolutely necessary I will buy a new one.

TLDR: Created a partition on the hard drive, PS3 turned on and then off immediately, would turn on normally when the hard drive is removed. What do I do?

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