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The Ryobi RS290G is a powerful Orbit Sander that boasts 12,500 rotations per minute. With an Ergonomic Grip to stabilize, and a dust bag to collect debris it is the perfect all-round sander.

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Why is my Ryobi making a weird noise?

My Ryobi sander started making a strange noise and is not sanding proper. I made sure there were no loose screws, cleaned it and then let it sit for a few hours to cool down as I had been sanding on and off for several hours. Unfortunately none of these seemed to help. What could be causing this and is it fixable ?

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What sander is it? Belt, orbital, detail sander?


It is a Ryobi corded orbital sander


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Possibly a bearing going, either to or bottom. I’d split it in two and remove the motor and check them. Could be wear on the base where the bearing sits.

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