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The Nikon COOLPIX B500 is a mid-tier superzoom point and shoot camera. It is sold in black, purple, and red.

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screen all black after new lcd repair

so I just repaired a b500 I got for cheap and after putting the new LCD in i noticed its all black nothing shows up all I hear is the sounds the menu doesn't show either I put the old one in and the same thing even though it worked before I heard Nikon has like auto-off after an LCD repair but I don't know how to turn the LCD on any advice would help

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With the camera on, try shining a torch (flashlight) at an angle close to the screen and check if you can see any images at all in the screen.

They will be very faint so trying in a darkened room may help to see them if they're there.

If you can't see any images then there is either a motherboard problem or a screen problem

If you can see images then there is a backlight problem. Either no power to the backlights from the motherboard or a faulty screen.

Looking at an image of the LCD I would guess that the 2 wires shown highlighted would be the backlight power wires.

Check that the flex cable connector ends are clean (gently wipe them with a Q-Tip moistened with Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+) in case there are any greasy residues on them from being handled etc and then carefully reinsert the cable into the connector on the motherboard and check.

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