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I keep getting error code 65

So on the morning of 4th of July my Pc was working fine. Then went out for fire works and to hangout with family and such. Came back and went to turn my Pc on and It gets stuck at the bios page but I can’t access the bios page. I take it to a shop they had it for 11 days and replace some parts. I get it back yesterday and it’s working great no issues no over heating no loud noises then this morning it shows error code 65 again and I’m stuck at the bios page yet again. Does anyone know how to resolve this??

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What model motherboard?


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Maybe you tried this already but it wont hurt to ask.. Did you try booting your computer with everything disconnected? nothing connected via USB just your monitor. If it boots then try connecting them one by one with a fresh boot after each one and see if any of them are causing this POST error.

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If it's happening you need to find jumper near the BIOS and reset it by jumper

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