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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 S-Pen model: SM-P580 (WiFi), SM-P585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in September 2016. It is a 10.1- inch tablet manufactured by Samsung Electronics and their new “A” series.

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My Tab got body spray in it and I tried to fix it but no luck.

So I'm 16 and I got my tablet for school. I usually keep the tablet in my bag which also has my body spray. When it was lunchtime I put my bag down. When I got back my bag was wet. I then realized my body spray was spraying. I took out my tab and it LOOKED ok so left it at that then i had to use it for work . A few days go by it doesn't switch on even with hard restart. I was scared and tried to charge it. The battery logo flashes. Then I took off the back cover and everything looked fine. I took out the LCD, plugged it in and let it charge. Still the same issue as before. I'm scared to tell my parents due to their anger and their reaction so this is my last try before I'm forced to tell them. Please help.

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You need to check for corrosion under the shields on the motherboard. Disconnect the battery and remove the motherboard. Remove the shields gently, then dunk the board in isopropyl alcohol. Pull it out and let it sit until dry. When it is dry put the shields back on, put the board back in the device, and try to power it on. If this doesn't work, your board is likely damaged beyond repair.

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Hi @guardian10

Maybe you should edit your answer and advise to disconnect the battery first before doing anything else as corrosion and damage is continuing whilst there is still power on the board. There is always some power on the board as the Power button is not a power isolating button ;-)

Also "dunking" is not advisable either. Gentle cleaning using an IPA moistened Q-Tip etc is safer. That way any components aren't likely to be dislodged etc. by the act of "dunking" it in IPA etc.

Maybe I'm being too literal but you have to take into account how DIY'ers might read it.


@jayeff I didn't say to disconnect the battery because the OP would have to so the logic board could come out. About the dunking, I've seen it used to fix heavily corroded boards.


And by dunking I meant submerging.



Maybe badly worded on my part but it make take a bit of time to remove the logic board e.g. disconnecting flex cables etc so it is better to disconnect the battery as soon as it is accessible and then continue removing the board. Also it forestalls any electrical problems from occurring e.g. metal tools accidentally slipping etc when doing the removal as you don't want any more problems than what you've got.

I've also seen boards being submerged and have witnessed components lifting off due to poor initial soldering that held them on but maybe any movement of the board would have done that


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