Not switching on with negative

Good day

Maybe someone can help please.

If i connect pos and neg from battery to ups nothing happens but as soon as i take off neg it starts up.

Batter running fine on other ups just not this one.

Thus pos connected plug in it starts up

Pos and neg connected from battery, plug in it doesnt start

Thank you

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How old is this ups? Most use sealed gel cell lead batteries and they have a limited life, anywhere from several years up to maybe 7 or 8 years before dying. When they're on standby and rarely used, as in a blackout situation where electricity is lost but the ups continues to power a computer or other equipment, this gives ample time to shut down electronics gracefully without losing data. Once the battery reaches its end of life, some ups don't give any alerts.


Hi F Dryer

Im not shure how old but im connecting a new battery to the ups it comes on however only with positive to tge battery connected and power plug is in.

As soon as i connect positive and negative from the battery plug it in nothing happens take negative off it comes on with a spark if i take off the terminal from negative


If a new battery doesn't power up the ups, inverting 12vdc to 120vac then the ups failed and most likely not worth repairing.



What is the make (brand name) of the UPS?

I can see it is a model 12000 but that is not enough info to go on.


Lol i am in south africa and we have load shedding here thus 3 to 4 times a day the power gets switched off for 2 and a half hours at a time.

Im also thinking some thing else is wrong with the unit it self thus the reason for the question it came on when i first got it with a small battery left it for a while and now nothing.

Its a proline



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