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The sander pad only vibrating not spinning.

The sander pad only vibrating not spinning.

Replaced brake ring no change

The motor is spinning very fast, but the sanding pad is not spinning.

The sander pad can easily be spinned manually.

I dont know where is the connection between the motor and the sanding pad

Parts spinning: #30 inner bearing ring, #33 washer, #34 screw see attached drawings

Parts NOT spinning: , #29 outer Bearing Box , #32 Bearing Box Cover, #35 sander pad and #36 bolt,when assembled these are "sanding assembly" this assembly can be spinned manually but is not spinned by the motor see attached drawings

Block Image

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@speculant Did you get this sorted Hans- I have the same issue


after brakering replacement i could use it again, first let it go up to speed the put on the wood.


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Hi @speculant

Check if the motor brushes are OK and not worn out. These connect the power to the motor causing it to turn. Also ensure that the motor spindle turns freely when manually operated and is not jammed.

Here's the service manual for the sander, that may help.

Here's a link to a parts supplier that may also help. For example if the brushes need to be replaced see Item #8 in the parts list to find the Makita part # i.e. CARBON BRUSH CB-64 BO3710/11 .

Given that it is a variable speed sander, it may also be that the controller not supplying enough power to the motor to turn (part #37 CONTROLLER 240V BO5041)

Search online using the information from the linked parts supplier list, to find suppliers that suit you best.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hi @speculant

Is the fan turning? If not check bracket part #22


Yes the fan is spinning but the sander pad is not spinning



I don't think that the bearing box or the brake ring should turn as they have notches which should lock into the skirt - see the image on p.5 of 9 in the manual for how the brake ring is locked in with the protrusions.


since the sanding pad is connected to the bearing box i think it should be spinning.

The brake ring is static to center the spindle I think.



Can you manually spin the inside ring of the bearing box? It may be that the bearings are seized.


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