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Why does my TV only work sometimes?

My Samsung qled will stop working for days and the red light goes off. Then it will just randomly start working again? Anyone know why?

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@hollymawally13 what is the complete model number and what have you checked?


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this happens when the TV was switched off at the powerpoint whilst in operation, or your house could have had a power blackout in a storm.

Lets do a flash QLED SAMSUNG Factory Reset then.


Start with the TV on. Press & hold the Standby key on the TV for 5 seconds followed by Pressing & Holding the Standby key on the Remote control for 5 seconds. The TV will go off & on a couple of times (be Patient let it complete its internal diagnosis ) before coming back on in the initial install mode.

should take 3 mins,


Let us know how you get on.

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