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The sixth-generation Volkswagen Jetta, known as the NCS (New Compact Sedan) during its development, was announced in the North American market in June 16, 2010.

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engine oil,Jetta tsi 2012

Jetta tsi 2012, engine oil dropping fast, 2 liters per month!!the Pcv valve was recently changed, the engine oil disappears completely, exhaust turning black

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@leoferreira sounds like you are burning your engine oil. Check your plugs and see what they look like.

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Reasons for that could be many. Do a compression test and see if it is your valves, piston rings etc. and after that a leakdown test on potential low compression cylinders, It'll help you narrow it down.

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Could also be a cracked head or head gasket or a leaking turbocharger seal. If you remove the downpipe you may find a lot of build up etc. Some major troubleshooting required start with the plugs and let us know what you find.

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