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3rd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple in October 2018. Models A1876, A2014, and A1895.

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How can I buy ipad USB-C and adhesive strips parts in Europe


I want to replace my ipad pro (12.9" 3rd Gen) USB-C port.

I need to buy repair tools and parts. For the latter, I need two parts:

  • a new USB-C port
  • adhesive strips

I'm based in Europe. I can buy the tools here but not the two parts (I checked the european stores and contacted two of them and they confirmed they don't and won't sell them).

On the other hand, the US store have the parts but won't deliver to Europe.

This doesn't make sense. ifixit put me in a dead end.

What other options do I have to buy these parts?


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checkout or iparts4u. i think headlane has eu stock


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As for the adhesive you can order the stuff from ifixit or eBay and cut it to the shape you need

And for the usb-c port if you find out what type of post it is you can order them from eBay

I must warn you in advance replacing these posts needs hot air and soldering skills so it might be worth seeing if you can get a repair shop to do it if you can’t do soldering

Hopefully this helps

If there anything else just ask


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hello cajolino,

You always have ebay, the truth is that these elements do not differ from those from iFixiT - these are only Chinese substitutes. The solution would be to buy elements from the disassembly of damaged iPads, and this is often used to get original parts (e.g. charging tapes for newer iphones). It is not a cheap solution, but it certainly works perfectly and does not cause hardware conflicts - which is often the case with Chinese parts. I described it here --- >>>

However, I am glad that you are going to repair your device yourself, if you need any help or support - I will be happy to help. More details can be found on my website (it is free of charge), especially in the section for Ipads, although this one is not yet impressively rich (I am a bit lacking in time).

if you are more technically advanced, I suggest you use the professional section

  • fingers crossing and regards,

PS, regarding the screen strips, contact me by e-mail, I have one more original kit for this model

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thanks for your feedback.

I visited your website. very good content, indeed.

so to clarify:

Are you also suggesting that the ipad will perform subsystem every x min (like the iphone) and would restart the device?

If that's the case, this should be reported to ifixit and they could just stop selling the non-compliant USB connector.

If buying an original USB port is not possible and I should source a USB port from another ipad, should I still go to ebay? I guess I must hope that second-hand USB port I buy is not itself defective!


no, ipad is a completely different device, only the marketing rules are similar. If you buy a replacement charging strap for the iPhone, restarts will be expected. If you buy a replacement ribbon for iPad, it likely won't work, or in a few weeks, it won't work and you'll be back to where you started. iFixiT knows exactly what it is selling and at what price it is buying. They also know very well about the rules of selling non-original components and wash their hands. Everyone can see what the world is like. Not everyone pays attention to this fact but its my opinion only.


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Hello @cajolino,

I'm sure the customer service shared a bit with you about us not carrying some part in our store. What I can add is that I know some customers have had success ordering from us by using a freight forwarding services.

Hope this helps!

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