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This Cyber shot camera is a standard, compact point-shoot camera.

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error code e:62:10 in SONY CYBER-SHOT DSC-W730 how to repair? 😥😥

I'm having SONY CYBER-SHOT DSC-W730 camera and it is showing error e:62:10 the display is in black colour and it is taking photo and that is also in black colour but we can view photos videos and other options are also working and i don't know what problem and how to repair it.

Can it be repaired by me?? Or i should service it?? Is there any short cut to repair it??

Please answer my question😥😥😥

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Janis Jasmin that is a lens error. E:62:10 is a Lens initializing failure. Check of the IC for steadyshot (IC402 on the SY-1005 board. Before doing any board repair, I would start by replacing the lens. These guides will at least get you into the camera. For anything deeper you can check the online Service Manual on here If you are stuck somewhere, post some pictures with your Question so we can see what you see. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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Hello Janis Jasmine,

The error E:62:10 is indeed one of the lens initializing error code, and more particularly related to the stabilization unit.

If you search the internet for E:62:10 you will find numerous websites talking about this error code, amongst others on the Sony forums. It is a recurring and structural problem with Sony cameras, most particularly with the HX models, but it also happens with the W series. Sony is aware of the problem. The root cause is a flex ribbon between the motherboard and the stabilization unit that breaks shortly after expiration of the warranty. The flex ribbon costs only a few dollars but replacing it requires servicing. Sony does not support servicing and delegates to local service shop repairs. Unfortunately it far more easy to replace the whole lens unit, but then the repair costs is a significant portion of the purchase price of a new device. And it will eventually fail again after repair - many users report multiple failures. Look out the internet or read the (non-commercial) website, you will find thousands of similar examples with evidences.

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