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Sony CFD-S05 CD Radio Cassette Player was released in 2010, and has the CD-R/RW playback function.

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The speakers no longer produce any sound

I have this problem too. It was purchased in late 2012. Has less than 30 hours play time on it. Has not been mistreated or even rarely moved around. Played fine in January 2022. Sat for a few months unused. In May the speakers no longer produce any sound. Power, CD, cassette, FM all work fine. No sound through headphone jack. Where is the IC amp (on the circuit board?) and what does it look like? Are there instructions on where to buy one and how to change it out? I see how to take the player apart on in internet but that's it. Help me Obwan, you're my only hope! In other words, it would cost more to send it out, pay to get it fixed and returned than the unit cost new originally.

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karen since this got converted from a comment to a question we just need to verify the your device is a CFD-S05


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karen here is the Sony CFD S05 SMfor your player. The power Amp is IC302 on the main board and I am not convinced yet that this is the error. At least you should try and measure that is gets the required 9V for stby voltage etc. Once you have the player apart, post some good pictures of the circuit boards etc. with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see and hopefully help you further. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

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CFD-CD777s MK2


I have one of these Sony CFD-S05 as well, and like the others here, I was not getting any sound output from the unit. I thought it might be IC303, and so I replaced it, but that was not the issue. I did notice that I didn't have the VCC voltage on pin 26. I tested with a meter and found that pin was shorted to ground. I then found that C321, 100uf 10v was shorted. the radio worked perfectly after replacing the capacitor.

This is getting be be an old thread but I hope this can help others.


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