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Fluke's 77 Series III Multimeter is an industrial quality, all-around performance multimeter. Part replacements for the device range from simple to moderately complex, depending on the problem.

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Is my fluke 77 blown?

I tested an electric fence with my Fluke 77 series II. Bad idea. Now I can't read AC/DC voltage or amperage, or resistance. I've replaced the fuse. I'd appreciate any assistance.

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I've inadvertently 'stressed' tested a few multimeters over the years. Replacing blown fuses always corrects my mistakes. Did you check the fuse again? Is the battery good, connected correctly (polarity)?


@tlampros what type of fence and how did you (unsuccessfully) test it?


I've replaced the fuse, so the unit is back on, but it is not reading V,A or ohms.

I connected the positive to the fence and put the negative in the ground. I'm pretty sure it was set on Vdc.

I replaced the battery, but I'm still getting the battery indicator on the screen. I'll try a newer battery.


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@tlampros I guess the good thing that even for a meter there are manuals :-). Start off with the flowchart as designed by Fluke

Block Image

After that, download 77 Series III and see if you can find out what happened to your meter. Looks like U1 could be the issue

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