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7th Gen Amazon Fire HD Tablet was released June 2017. It has since been discontinued and replaced by the current Fire iteration.

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Cracked LCD and touch screen on Fire 7 9th generation

I got REALLY upset and destroyed the screens of the tablet. The digitizer, LCD everything. I found a new screen for it, and I want to buy it! But here is the problem, I have no tools! Are there any household items that would work for any tools I would need? Thanks! -Blackcomb

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Indeed! you could use a hairdryer to loosen the LSD Tweezers for any inside work. But a wedger is needed along with a suction cup


my screen is not responding it still works it just don't take input


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@blackcomb there really is no good substitute for the right tools. All you would need is a set of small screwdrivers and a couple of guitar picks to remove the screen from the case. You could use a good hair dryer to loosen the LCD. All of that should be relatively easy to come by. This shows how to replace the screen.

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