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Samsung's premium line of Android tablets, first released in 2014.

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Upgrade Android Version 6.0.1 to latest version

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S - model number SM-T800 - running Android 6.0.1

When I check the updates it says it is up to date.

I would like to download an Application - Imaging Edge Mobile from Sony, so that I can check photos and videos taken on my Sony camera HX60V - It says the software is not compatible and I require Android version 7 at least to install the software.

How can I update the Android Version on my tablet?

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I believe Android 6.0 is the latest Android version released for this tablet


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Hi @peterbill ,

There are no official firmware updates for the model past Android Version 6.0.1 so if you want to update it further you will need to install a custom rom. (unofficial firmware)

There are plenty of places online that show how to update if you want to do it this way. Just search for Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T800 update to android 7 firmware to get results. (Examples of search to show what's available. xda developers and droidworld are usually worth looking at)

Be aware that due to its age, the tablet may not have the necessary hardware requirements to run all the features of Android 7 but it may be enough to do what you want it to.

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