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Repair guides and support for your Mitsubishi TV, no longer produced by Mitsubishi Electric.

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Where do I find firmware for my TV?

I just purchased a Mitsubishi WD-82738 82" DLP 3D TV and seems has never been updated once. I need a firmware update of 12.7 or higher to enable 3d enhancement features and 1.4a hdmi protocols so I can use it with modern 3d players like ps3 or 3d blu-ray players but Mitsubishi discontinued their sales and firmware downloads and I can't find it anywhere.. Help!

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Try contacting Mitsubishi's customer support. If that TV has an available update, it's possible that they will provide it.


Thanks Funk gave it a shot but they have no idea how to help. They have not had access to any firmware or support to their TV's for a decade, even the 4 TV Mitsubishi certified repair shop numbers they gave me were all disconnected.


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You can try to find what you need by searching in the internet archive wayback machine, if you're lucky the download you need will be archived here's a link to get you in the ballpark:*/www.mi...

Adrian ok, I won't be lazy.. . But all you needed to do was search the archive until you found this link

Instructions. Are here

New operating instructions are here

I WAS too lazy to keep searching for a later upgrade, if any...

Anyone else with the same problem but different model

(WD-60738, WD-65738, WD-73738, WD-82738, WD-65838, WD-73838, WD-82838 only)

go here instead

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Juan, you are the Man! I was giving up hope and was going to spend $200 on a 3D converter kit. Now, a seemingly common issue as I see through old forms, why the TV won't read the USB drive lol


@Adrian Freelancer Awesome! You should link it here if possible. Thanks!


If it can't read your thumbdrive try an older, slower, smaller cheaper one, a geriatric tv needs a geriatric usb stick. Look in the manual to see what it can read.


Before you ask your manual is here

If you are feeling grateful send part of that $200 you saved to the internet archive or right to repair both of which were instrumentals in your salivation LOL.


I hate spell checkers!


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