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Samsung NP-R580-JBB2 laptop computer with 500 GB hard drive and 15.6" display released in October 2010.

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Not turning on or charging

My laptop had a grind sound for a week, now it just shutdown and it no longer turns on or charge

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Hi @mr_logical ,

The grinding sound is not good and if it came from the HDD it shouldn't stop the laptop from charging unless it caused a problem on the motherboard.

Start by checking that the charger / charger cord is OK by ensuring that there is 19V DC available when measured at the charger plug.

Next would be to check if the laptop's DC-In jack is OK, (supplier example only to show the part).

Sometimes the centre pin of the jack breaks internally (where you can't see it) and this prevents the power from the charger either charging the battery or running the laptop. So it may be that the battery has gone flat because it couldn't be charged and the laptop shutdown because there was no power available from the battery or the charger.

Here's a video that shows how to dis-assemble the laptop so that the DC-In jack can be tested to see if it is OK.

If it is OK then you would need to do further testing as to why the motherboard isn't indicating that it is getting any power. You would need the motherboard schematics to do this.

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Thank you @jayeff I appreciate your help


@jayeff you are right, i just checked the charging cord, the is no power coming


Hi @mr_logical

Thanks for the update.

You would have to check if it is the charger or the charger cord that is faulty.

Either that or replace the charger (supplier example only)



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