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The Asus Tuf Gaming FX505GT Is A 15.6 Inch Laptop With A Intel Core i5 9300H And A GeForce GTX 1650. It has Windows 10 and was made by Asus in 2018.

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GRUB shows up on my external monitor, but never on the laptop monitor

@jayeff I have an issue where what you described is exactly what is happening.

I have a dual boot system with Ubuntu and windows 11, and with GRUB as the bootloader.

When I start the computer with the external monitor connected, GRUB shows up on my external monitor, but never on the laptop monitor, which is always a black screen, whether or not the external monitor is connected.

However, Fn+F9 doesn't have any effect. Any chance you have other ideas on what to try?

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@Anirudh Nimmagadda

When the laptop is on with a display on the external monitor, try shining a torch (flashlight) at an angle close to the laptop's screen and check for any images.

They will be very faint so they may be hard to see if they're there.

If they are there then there is a backlight problem in the laptop display. Either in the display or the motherboard.

What is the model number of the laptop.


I tried shining the flashlight method; there seems to be no display whatsoever.

The laptop is an ASUS ROG TUF FX 504


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@Anirudh Nimmagadda

As there is a display on the external monitor, the GPU is OK.

Seems like the laptop display is faulty or the eDP cable from the motherboard to the display is faulty or disconnected.

You don't state which exact model variant you have so here's the parts lists for 3 that I have found as they have different displays.




Click on display and or cable to find the part numbers for each part. Then search online using the part number only to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

Usually the part number for the display can be found on the back of the LCD panel and on the cable as well if you wish to verify. Perhaps you could test the eDP cable with an Ohmmeter to prove continuity of all the wires from end to end to save ordering it unnecessarily.

Here's a video that shows how to replace the LCD panel that may help.

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