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The Kano Computer Kit Complete is a computer kit designed for children to create their own computer. This kit introduces children into the technological world by teaching them how to code applications, games and music.

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Is it possible to use the display on it as a second monitor?

I got one of these a couple years ago and would like to turn there monitor on it into a second monitor.

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from the picture, this appears to be an integrated monitor. IE, the kbd is connected wireless to it and the rest of the computer is in the monitor.

The only way to know is to open the monitor up to see how it is connected to the computer. If there is a connector you may be able to. If not, you still may be able to, but then it will take some technical expertise to adapt it.


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Alban de Montlivault you would need to continue using the current display board for the LCD screen. Since this kit is based on a Raspberry Pi you would have to somehow bridge the signal from your primary display to this display which could be as simple as connecting it to an HDMI port. Give it a try and see what happens.

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Yes. You would have to provide power and a HDMI input, but it is possible. You may also hook it up to a gaming system.

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