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The IdeaPad 110-15ACL is a 15.6-inch laptop with a 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB of working memory. The laptop is designed as an office laptop from the low-cost sector.

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I want upgrade IdeaPad 110-15ACL

memory and CPU and keyboard and heatsink which ones are compatible.

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So in terms of upgrading, you're unfortunately kinda limited when it comes to CPU, GPU as those components are soldered directly to the motherboard. However, this does not mean that you cannot give your device some extra speed. You can replace the internal hard drive with an SSD, and you can add up to 8 gb of ram. Just be sure that the RAM is 1600 MHz and is DDR3L.

I was able to find a video guide that you can follow along with here to remove the components. and compatible parts can be found here.

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The OP could but it might not be worth it considering the problems that may occur if the user wishes to upgrade to Win 11 to extend the life of the PC. Also a better board, not really meant for the laptop may not physically fit in the case. They're not all the same size

Support for Win 10 ends in 3.5 years and by then the CPU, chipset etc will be outdated as well. The laptop's technology will then be 10 years old since release. A lifetime in PC technology.

Short term an SSD and ram increase would be the better option, probably cheaper as well. IMHO



@jayeff Thanks for explaining.


Hi @Julius Nash,

To add to the good answer above, here's the hardware maintenance manual, from the support webpage for the laptop that may also help as it shows how to safely remove/replace all the major removable components in the laptop.


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