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ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop - FX505D-DBQ234T with i5-8750H and Nvidia gforce GTX. MFD-2019-05.

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No power coming on with power button


This Asus FX505DD-DR5N6 ******is barely used. I plugged it in and it seemed to turn on right away, but then I shut it down and I couldn’t get it back on.

I unscrewed the back and unplugged the battery and CMOS battery and pushed the power button for 20 seconds to drain all residual power. Upon plugging it in (before screwing everything back in) I tested it by plugging it into the wall. It came on like a beauty.

I screw everything back in, then try to power on again, and NOTHING. Again I unplug the battery, and upon plugging the battery back in, it comes on automatically. So, it seems to me there’s something preventing the power button from turning on the laptop. BUT, and here’s where I’m super confused… the power button DOES turn the laptop OFF. So, it couldn’t be the power button, right? What’s going on… has anyone had this happen before.

It seems ridiculous to change the power button if it can be used to power off the laptop.

Additional Note: The light on the power button does not turn on unless I unplug the battery and plug it back in. When I do this, the laptop powers on automatically and the light on the power button is on.

Thanks for your assistance.

  • Asus TUF Gaming FX505DD-DR5N6
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Ryzen 5 CPU
  • Geforce GTX 1060


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It is super rare but it can happen that one of the vias broke where the button gets its initial 3.3V to turn everything on. If you can disassemble the button area and test the voltage around it you should find that the input is not reaching on side of the button properly.


@honakrisi Thanks for the support. I, too, was wondering if something like that was possible. The problem is that the keyboard / power button is riveted to the top part of the case. It's right behind one of the fans, and there's no access to it because it's covered up. I've removed the fan and tried to see if there was any way to remove the rivets, bit I don't think there is. At least not without damaging the rest of the keyboard. Search online comes back with the top part of the case as $300 which is crazy.

Maybe I'll see if there's some way to set the BIOS up so that it automatically powers on anytime it's plugged into the power outlet. If there's something I can do like that it can be a workaround.


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Hey, just so you know, the issue was the power button. It completely stopped working now, even to turn it off. The power button is ridiculously attached/riveted to the top case, so $300 for a new one. Guess I'll be keeping it in sleep mode and leaving a few screws out. Taking out the battery and then plugging it back into the wall turns it on.

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Thanks for the info. Facing the same myself. Used the CMOS trick a few times. Tried to put windows into sleep mode overnight but it shuts down automatically, possibly by battery drain. Gave up on it and installed Ubuntu to put it in suspend mode overnight with a drop of ~5% overnight.

Do let me know if the power button is available cheap somewhere. Need to flip this one for a workstation.


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