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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Where to find LCD Mounting bracket?

I took apart this ipod fine but when I went to swap LCD screens the mounting bracket that holds the LCD was damaged and I can't find where to get a new one? I have looked everywhere.. from Ebay to random ipod part websites. I don't even know what the proper name for this piece is? Thanks!

This site has been an awesome help by the way.

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I might be having a memory failure but aren't the tabs part of the rear case?


I'm not sure what tabs your talking about. The piece I'm referring to is the metal plate that the battery is glued to.


it's all in the say mounting bracket so I'm thinking of the part your display mounts on..turns out you mean a backplate! that'd be a metal plate you stick an LCD onto. Doh!


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What you are looking for is the LCD Metal Backplate and it is a tough find> You might be better of trying to buy a busted iPod of either ebay or Craigslist etc. to find it. good Luck

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