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Repair and disassembly information for amplifiers in home audio systems.

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Why is my integrated amp going into Standby mode?

My Yamaha A - S301 integrated amp powers up and goes immediately into Standby mode. I already checked the impedance switch on the back of the unit. I also disconnected the speakers to see if they are the culprit, but the problem persists.

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I have the sama problem with my yamaha AS 301. It is randomly turn to standby mode.

Have you solved your problem? How?

Please share your infos.



Pempek - I did "solve" my problem, but I'm afraid it may not be of much help to you. The repair shop couldn't fix it (luckily they didn't charge me for trying), so I brought it home and started shopping for a replacement. Lo and behold, I gave it one more try and everything has been fine for the last 5 months. It fixed itself I guess.



Shutting off, unplugging and dicharging all power can force most modern electronic device to reset to some degree.


Dan Wassink - Good to hear your have 'solved' the problem. I still try to isolate the problem. Thanks


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If you recently purchased it just return for service under warranty.

Usually defective/leaking capacitors. Open it up and look for any capacitors “doming up” at the top or leaking brown “goop” or any traces of burning on the circuit boards.

You don’t give us any idea of your experience level so I will say you will need to know how to desolder and solder electronic components.

Here is a link to the Yamaha A-S301/S501Service Manual:

Remember to download both parts into the same folder and unzip the first one —> voila pdf service manual.

User’s Manual:

Let us know how it goes.

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