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Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier Burnt Out

Hi, I have Crane EE-6909.Yesterday, I accidentally plugged it in while the cord was still wet and it shorted. I have taken the bottom off in order to fix it but don’t know what I am looking at here. Do you think I need a new fuse in there, or is it more likely a circuitboard that is destroyed? Can I fix it?

Block Image

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Hi @cebollita1 ,

Did you check the wall outlet (powerstrip?) that it was plugged into is still working OK, as you didn’t mention it?

I can’t see it too well in your image, even when zoomed in but I’m assuming that the power cord comes into the unit at the top left of your image, is this correct?

If so I was wondering if the component that I’ve pointed to in the zoomed in image below is a fuse. I can’t tell because it is covered with insulation tubing. There is component designation and information printed on the board close to the component (in green box in image) which I think relates to it and not the coil next to it, so it should help in identifying it.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

If it is a fuse the board designation may say something like AC 250V 1.5A etc. This is purely a guess though, as it may be something else entirely ;-)

If it is a fuse then use an Ohmmeter (mains power disconnected from device) and connect across it on the underside of the board to see if you measure 0.00Ω. If not it has blown.

The rest of the power board and the other board look OK so hopefully it is the problem

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