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The fifth generation van had debuted at the 2007 North American International Auto Show with exterior styling by Ralph Gilles.

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Right turn signal works oddly.

So, if we start the card and turn on the right blinker. It seems to work o.k. However if

turn on the headlights and check the blinker, no go. The front one works (fast) but no back blinker. Turn off the head lights, and the symptom stays. Looking at the wiring diagram shows that the lamp is operated by a unified electronic module. So, is it possible that the lamp has a bad ground or lead wire that shows open when the headlights are on?

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A rapid turn signal indicator light light is usually a sign of a faulty bulb or connection etc in the circuit front or rear.

if it is always the rear turn signal light that doesn’t work, check the bulb/bulb connection. It may be a faulty bulb (filament?), a lack of tension between bulb and holder, corroded, or have a bad earth

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