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The Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 is a tablet released in 2016 by Samsung. This device comes in both 32GB and 64 GB variants. The Wi-Fi only model number is SM-T813. The factory unlocked 4G model number is SM-T819.

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No power on after replacing battery. It charges.

Removed the cover on SM-T813 and replaced battery. Put cover on, plugged in and battery is charging. The battery icon shows % is increasing. When I push power button, tablet does not start (no Samsung logo). Are there instructions on putting the cover back on in a certain order. I noticed some connections on the cover.

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With help from @oldturkey03 , I realized I severed the flex cable attached to the power/volume connector when I removed the back cover. Now I will have to take off the screen to get to the other side (once I have the replacement part). The new battery has charged to 100% now, but with the broken flex cable, the tablet will not turn on.

When removing back cover, remove the side opposite the power/volume buttons. After prying that side up, gently pop the connector out of the cover side (shown on left) before completely removing the cover. IF it looks like this after removing the cover, the flex cable is broken.

Block Image

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@docpowers you are correct. your power and volume control is on that

Block Image

. the only thing I have is the Level 2 manual which shows how to work on it. Let’s see if that helps you. T813 Level 2 Repair. This document includes a hyperlink which you do not want to use.

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@oldturkey03 - I found the problem after looking at your picture. When removing the back cover, the side key PBA (for power/volume) MUST be gently removed from its back cover holder spot so it remains with the unit side (with mother board and battery). As shown in your picture, the flex cable for this PBA has been severed and the connector part of the PBA remained in the back cover holder. Thank you for sharing the diagrams and manual!


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