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The Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ISK was developed in the United States by Lenovo in 2015. The Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ISK can be identified by its model number: 80UD.

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Why is my battery not charging

In my particular case, my ac adapter is good and I have 20.2vdc at JDCIN1 (motherboard connector for dc input). However, I do not show that 20.2 volts at JBAT1 (motherboard connector to battery). Anyone have experience with troubleshooting between these two points?

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Hi @genemcdole ,

What results do you get when you create a battery report.

Does it show that it is connected?

Compare the Design Capacity value versus the Full Charge Capacity value in the report.

Also what is the motherboard's board number? (printed on motherboard).

Knowing this will help to find the schematics which will come in handy.


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Thank you for the response @jayeff . It turned out to be a connection issue and once the battery had a good connection, it did start to charge again. Again, thank you for the response and it is nice to have this forum where we can go for advice! I guess I did not realize that their battery management was sophisticated enough to completely stop all charge current in a situation like that.

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Hi @genemcdole ,

batteries are no longer"dumb" devices.

They contain battery management systems that communicate with the host device.

If the communication is lost, nothing happens.

Not as sophisticated as it sounds, just ensuring the battery is there by monitoring the battery voltage and temperature and making sure that it can't be overcharged or discharged too far so as to damage it and it is also a safety feature to prevent fires etc by not continuing to charge a battery when it shouldn't be.

Glad you found the problem.



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