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The Motorola Edge is a 5G smartphone released in May 2020.

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SIM card tray is stuck

I have a Motorola Edge, I’m trying to change the SIM card, but I can’t get the SIM card tray to eject. I’ve tried using different SIM card tools, and paperclips, only to have them bend, and just had the tip of the paperclip break off into the hole. I’ve taken it to the mobile carrier, as well as a local tech repair place, but no success at either place. The tech repair place isn’t authorized for Motorola phones, and basically said it needs to be taken apart to remove the SIM card tray.
I’d appreciate any advice and guides that might help.

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Having the same issue in Aug 10 2022. Were you able to find a solution?




Sadly no. I had to buy a new phone. My Motorola edge is useless if not connected to WiFi. If you happen to find a solution please share.


I also had this problem - SIM tray stuck closed in my Motorola Edge 2020. After struggling with it myself, a repair place opened the phone, and had to remove the board inside to access the tray mechanism. In the process, a little piece of it which holds the pins that connect to the SIM card broke off - which the repairman and I both believe was the original problem - the pins got bent at some point when the SIM tray was pushed in, and this held the tray stuck in. I wasn't there when the piece broke off, but I believe the guy who showed me the piece and explained what happened. After that happened, of course, the SIM card no longer registered in the phone, and it became just a handheld WiFi computer - I have to replace the phone now. I'm wondering if this is a consequence of poor design; surely pushing that tray in shouldn't have bent those contacts since I don't think I did it roughly.

I'm thinking about getting the same phone, but worry that I'll have the same problem again.


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Hi @khayden ,

You may have to open the phone and see if you can gently push the SIM card tray out from the back of the SIM reader, hopefully without damaging the reader’s pins and locking mechanism.

Here’s a teardown video for the phone. At 2:50 minutes into the video you can see the SIM card reader.

By saying that the repairer was not “authorized” does that mean that the phone is still under warranty? If so contact an authorized repairer and ask for a quote. The repair itself will not be covered under warranty as it will be classed as user error. Hopefully using an authorized repairer will not void the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty for the phone, as it would by using someone else or doing it yourself.

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My phone is no longer under warranty, but I didn't know that when I took it to the shop. Thanks for the video.


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Wow what a fantastic tech ‘repairer’?

Anyway the phone needs opened up to access the sim tray. The sim connector pins sound like they are bent holding the sim tray in place.

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Put some strong glue on a small piece of plastic, smaller than the sim tray, then glue it to the sim tray.

Yes, you might have some glue on the sim tray now, but at least you should be able to pull it out.

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