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Glow is designed with sleep in mind. Its self-dimming, warm light lulls you into better, deeper sleep.

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Anyone know how I might replace the battery in a Casper Glow Light?

I’ve had this Casper Glow Light for a couple years. Now the battery doesn’t last very long and I have to keep it on the dock. Occasionally, it’s not in the dock quite right and by morning time when the light is supposed to wake me up, it doesn’t turn on.

There’s only two buttons on the thing on either end and those are the only two possible access points. I’ve wondered if I could somehow get to the battery through here, with no luck so far.

Am I just SOL?

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Here’s my guide on getting it open: Casper Glow Light Battery Replacement I was having trouble finding the correct replacement battery and haven’t finished repairing it myself, but it would involve soldering and may be a little tricky to reassemble

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@tettoffensive pretty good write up on here and this should work for you. It would be great if you would take the time and create a guide about this. It seems like there is not a lot of information about it. A guide might help others to keep Casper around and out of the landfill.

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Thanks. I just actually figured out how to get it open and was going to post. But this is a great right up and now I can actually see what kind of battery it's got: " 3200mAh INR Lithium Ion cell in a 18650 form-factor pack"


How did you get it open??


@Matt Peuler Click on the first link. The write-up is pretty good about how to get into it.


Thanks that was helpful !


@tettoffensive I got mine open too… but it looks like the battery has a special circuit board attached to it. You need to resolver that board onto the new battery?


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