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Solder pads came off! How do I fix this?

Was replacing the joystick when one of the at happened to come off! The pad is gone I cannot find it and I do not have a replacement or know what else to do!

If anyone knows how to fix this it would be extremely helpful!

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@rileylearns you’ll have to run some jumpers from the points marked by the arrow. Either short one from the Blue mark or long one from the Red marker. Remove the masking carefully with something like an Exacto knife or a scalpel from those points and then solder a jumper wire to it. You don’t have a lot of room for errors left so make sure that you get a good handle on it. Watch your heat and the time you expose your soldering iron to the pads (red rectangle looks like its ready to melt off). Looks like you are running really hot or long time.Your solder pads will melt off. Make sure that you use good flux and a decent soldering station with the right tip.

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