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Second generation of the Fairphone, made by the social enterprise with the same name. Released in December 2015. Model number: FP2-XCVR

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Any chance to fix the display after fall into water?

Great community,

To the more experienced among you,

My phone fell into the water just 3/4 days ago, but it is still working. What I've already done:

- Took everything apart, including the motherboard.
- Cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol

At that time, the screen still worked (although water stains are visible), but at first not the “touch” feature.

Then, 1 day later, the "touch" feature worked again.

At that time, I left it unplugged and let it dry one more day.

But since then, complete black screen, even after many tries, plugging/unplugging/cleaning/etc.

So, I let it again dry for another 4/5 hours at 45°C (max). But it still doesn’t works.

I know the problem is with the screen, because I'm using a replacement screen that works very well. But I hate to throw away electronics and would do everything to fix it.

My question:

What are my chances of fixing it (I don't have that much tools)? And what else can I try?

- Dip it completely in an isopropyl alcohol bath?
- Disassemble it (but how?)
- Wait 1 full week?

Thank you very much for the opinions of experienced people.

PS: I couldn’t open the 2 small EMI shields on the bottom, to clean the underlying electronic components. Maybe they are soldered(?)

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Update (12/21/2021)

Thank you guys for the quick replies.

I would be pleased to hear other opinions. This is not my first repair, so I feel comfortable with trying advanced repairing, even if difficult. (And, I have not much to loose on this display)

>seems like fairphone is pretty good about repairability so i wouldn’t feel too bad about having to chuck it in the trash.

This is not the point. I repair everything I own, and usually with success. (And, yes, Fairphone are great about repairability !)

PS: I’m surprised that a quick search didn’t reveal any advanced display disassembly (youtube have a few things about it). Did I miss anything?

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Hi @johnypower ,

Since water seems to have penetrated the display assembly the only option is to replace it as you cannot repair problems internal to the display assembly.

To repair it properly you would need to access the display’s internal connections/components and just trying to do this would cause even more damage considering how delicate they are.

Be pleased that it was only the display and not the rest of the phone that doesn’t work.

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typically screens are pretty hard to repair as its usually a couple very thin components smushed together and wont come apart.

you can try and soak it in the alcohol like you suggested for a few hours and then let it sit for id say at least a day.

seems like fairphone is pretty good about repairability so i wouldn’t feel too bad about having to chuck it in the trash.

good luck!

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