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The fifth-generation Volkswagen Jetta was introduced in January 2005.

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Heater/AC Control working slowly

Fall is quickly approaching and I would like to get this fixed soon. I have a 2005 Jetta 2.5L. The hot/cold knob “seems” to control the heater module, but it takes several weeks for it to engage. Example, when the weather starts turning cold (like now), I can turn knob to hot… nothing. If I leave it there for a couple (or even 4) weeks, the heater will finally kick in, and I mean melt your face hot. Then in the spring when it starts warming up, I turn to cold, and it takes about 2-weeks for it to switch back to cold. So heater in the morning, and A/C in the afternoon is out of the question. Any suggestions

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sounds like it could be one of two things. Either the climate control switches are bad, or your blend door actuator is. has what looks like the way to replace the actuator. Dont use the part number the poster supplied he got it wrong. A commenter gave the right one. As this is the more common component that fails, it is where I would look first. Especially since you said it takes so long for it to change from hot to cold. Makes me think it is having trouble or is seizing up, and driving around (vibrations) are helping free it up to move. Its also the cheaper component so it is where I would start. The control setup im seeing is about $40, as opposed to ~$15 for the actuator. From what I can tell, open it to where you can see the actuator itself (there are youtube videos if needed) and select from hot to cold. Does it move? Take the plug off and use a meter or voltage tester to see if the actuator is getting power. No power means bad switch. Power means bad actuator. Remember to check to ground.

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