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Model: A215-S4697 / Processor: AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52 1.6GHz

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Internally Cracked Screen Virus Disease aka “ICSVID” virus?

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I powered on my laptop and I think I have the “ICSVID” (Internally Cracked Screen Virus Disease) virus. I have a weird black thing with cracks inside and I think it’s a virus. If I press on it, it will start spreading like a disease. I think the display is definitely diseased.

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Hi @videogamer17 ,

You're having a lot of bad luck with all of your laptops.

This is the 3rd one (HP Envy, Acer Aspire and Toshiba) that has suffered from a damaged screen.

Pressing on a damaged screen isn't helping it any, it's only compounding the problem

You got answers to the same question for your first two laptops stating that the LCD panel was cracked and not affected by a virus.

This one is no different.

If it were a virus don't you think that it would be detected by an anti-virus or anti malware program?

Given the vast number of AV programs available one of them would have picked it up?

You accepted the answers for your first two questions but obviously you didn't believe it. Otherwise why persist in asking the same question, again?



It has the Internally Cracked Screen Virus Disease



Replacing the screen is the only option if you're suggesting that a virus can actually crack one.

Haven't you got an AV program running or ever wondered why major AV companies haven't prevented this from happening?


well, a virus cannot crack a screen. It could install a program the made the screen look cracked. That is called a prank and it may not be detectable by AV programs. However, having 3 of these, per jayeff, would suggest either you are hard on your hardware or that you are playing the wrong games.


Yes it has the Internally Cracked Screen Virus Disease (ICSVID) virus. @ruggb


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Sorry but you need a new screen

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I agree. If touching the screen makes it move around, then it isn't the "virus". From the looks of your computer, I would say you need a new computer. Forget the screen.


No I think you need a screen


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