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Vauxhall vectra 06 blowers not turning on

My vectra blowers will not work on any setting. I’ve taken the glove box apart and tested the current and the fan is getting power and also works when testing from another loom. I have replaced the resistor but still nothing. Also checked all the fuses. Would this mean there’s a problem with the switch? As in where you turn the blower on from? The button for the dentist also doesn’t turn the blowers on. At a loss and don’t want to keep replacing bits to find out it’s not that! Any help much appreciated

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devlish_angel2k3 you lost me with this "The button for the dentist also doesn’t turn". Have you applied power to the blower motor directly to rule it out as being defective? Since you have power to the blower motor and resistor pack have you checked the relay? Should be somewhere above where the glovebox is.


Sorry predictive text! Was meant to say de mister. Yes have checked off of another loom for the motor and that runs fine as well. It just doesn’t when it’s all connected together. There wasn’t even any issues such as only working on number 4 it just doesn’t work at all. The buttons on the panel for air con etc all light up when pressed.


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devlish_angel2k3 I know about predictive text :-) Get's me all the time. So, if the fan motor works and you have replaced the resistor pack and it shows power, I would replace the relay and see what that does. This image

Block Image

taken from here shows the diagram for the blower

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Thank you I’ll have a go and see if it’s that I couldn’t see a relay for it but found a blue one by the looks of it…


that sounds like the right one.


So I think the car is possessed! Have ordered a new relay which is still yet to come. The relay was out and hadn’t been working no matter what I did. Left the nob turned at number 4 and didn’t think anything of it. Last night I was driving home as normal and 15 mins into the journey the fans suddenly started blowing!! Scared the life out of me when they came on! So wondering if there is wiring issue somewhere a bad earth? Have been driving around no relay in and have tested several times and the nob allows u to go through each blower setting!


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