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The Dell Inspiron 580 covers the basic computing needs. It may not provide the most advanced version of each feature, but the basics are available and provided for users.

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Possible Cooling system modifications

Is it possible to upgrade the CPU From an i5 to anything more powerful? or maybe a CPU cooler like a watercooled system or an ice cooled system? Also anybody have any GPU upgrade options, as the GPU in there is an aging geforce gt 220. Looking for kind of an internal overhaul without having to go to windows 10.

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The motherboard has a LGA1156 CPU socket and the chipset is a H57 Express so based on these parameters you can upgrade the CPU to an i7 870 (known to work with your motherboard) with normal CPU fan cooling

The ram can also be upgraded to 8GB i.e. 4 x 2GB DDR3 PC3-12800 modules.

Another way to increase performance is to replace the HDD with an sata SSD

Other than that given the age of the motherboard it wouldn’t be worth investing too much more into improving performance due to the limitations imposed by the chipset and the motherboard which were designed 10+ years ago - a lifetime in computer technology.

Here’s the service manual which may be of some help.

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Actually the ram goes up to 16 gb, although not supported. i know this because i have 2 8gb ddr3 corsair cards in the computer. but i was wondering mainly about changing the cooling system from a fan to something like water or coolant.



What are you trying to achieve?

The motherboard and chipset will limit what CPU can be installed

Most probably you can't overclock the CPU in BIOS anyway so its not going to run too hot that it warrants water cooling.


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