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Cat S61 USB Charge Port Replacement

We have a Cat S61, it's not wanting to charge. My fiancé is going to replace the charge port. I’ve noticed there's not alot of information on this. Was hoping someone might know anything about replacing that on this specific model? Tips, suggestions, advice—- I'll consider it all at this point.

Hoping to place an order for the repair tools and any extra supplies (suggestions?), as well as the replacement ribbon charge port itself need for this today.

One more question—I've searched but this isn't my area of knowledge obviously, do we have to replace the whole ribbon or is there a way to just do the little metal charger port piece and reconnect it? Upon search for the replacement port the only thing coming up for it is the whole ribbon, wasn't sure if maybe there is a site for these specific things and I just don't know it.

Thanks for any help in this matter.

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Hi Cambria. Was this Flex assembly the fix to the charging issue? Did the solution work?


Sorry I spaced on updates for this! It is fiancés phone and he did an astounding job, only took no more than a couple hours. Of course he didn't his while everyone was asleep so he could actually focus and not mess his phone up, so no video or pictures were taken 😕

Regardless all instruction was found here or a direct link from the seller of the replacement piece and I don't recall exactly what set of instructions he used anyway, the part used was this exact one:

PHONSUN USB Charging Port with...

Sorry again for the huge delay in posting anything on the CAT S61.

🫣 Now off to repair my Pixel 4a 5G outer screen and camera lens glass.praying this goes well and I'll be back to comment on those as well. 🫣


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Hi @cambriajean ,

Given the cost of the charge port flex cable [supplier example only), the convenience and ease of replacement factors alone would be worth the cost difference than in just replacing the smd USB connector only. Besides which, replacing the smd USB connector on a flex cable isn’t as easy as replacing it say if it were mounted on a pcb board. Too much heat or heat applied for too long could damage the cable. pcb boards are more forgiving ;-)

Here’s a Cat S61 teardown video that may help.

Ifixit has a range of pry tools, screwdrivers etc that may also be of interest to you.

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Try different USB chargers, may be more powerful ones. Also try powering on discharged phone while charging. This helped me.

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Hi CambriaJean ,

I have the same phone with the same issue. If you're using some other non original chargers, the phone might not charge.

I've noticed this issue, when I tried to charge my phone with any Samsung charger.

So before doing any repairs, just try to find the right charger. Maybe this will solve your issue.

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