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The Sony Dream Machine ICF -C717PJ is a Radio Alarm clock that also features multiple kinds of nature sounds.

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Screen for Sony ICF-C717PJ

Where can I buy a new screen for Sonny Dream Machine ICF-C717PJ ?

Do you have them to sell ?

Bests regards

Jose Vilao

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Hi @aroeira ,

Ifixit does not sell parts for your clock.

Here’s the service manual for the clock that may help you to fix it. The manual is for the Singapore and Australian model variants.

On p.8 it describes how to dis-assemble the clock so that the LCD board (display) can be removed.

On p.22 it has the part numbers for the 2 different LCD boards that can be used in the clock, depending on where it was made for. Sony part # A-1762-295-A (SP model) and part # A-1762-302-A (AUS model). I don’t know why there would be different LCD displays but check on the back of the LCD unit in your particular model to see if there is a part number shown.

Are you sure that the display is faulty and that it is not just a backlight problem with the display? Try shining a torch at an angle close to the display and check if you can see any images at all. They will be very faint so trying this in a darkened room may help to see them if they are there.

I’m suggesting that you check because on p.23 of the manual it shows that the clock has 2 blue LED backlights and backlights are used in LCD displays to light up the screen. Sony part # 6-503-159-01. If you can see images it may be that the backlights are faulty or the power supply to the backlights is faulty

The supplier above is an example only as they’re the only ones I could find when searching for the part numbers. You may have better luck finding other suppliers that may suit you better when searching for the part numbers

Hopefully this is of some help.

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