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A 35mm FD-mount single-lens reflex camera introduced in April 1984 as the second in Canon's T series.

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Replace Broken Battery Door

Hi, I have a Canon T70 and I broke the battery door when I tried to extract old batteries from it. I have bought a second T70 for spares and repairs and I would like to know how to replace the battery door from one camera to the other please?

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@ebee01 this T70 Repair should help you with repairing your camera

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Thank you for your response, but I don’t really understand the instructions/diagram. I would prefer a video link. I can’t do resoldering and stuff like that.


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You must remove 6 Phillips head screws which hold on the whole bottom cover. The battery door is part of this cover; and since you have a spare camera you can use the cover off of it. Also there are no wires and no soldering, but be careful not to mix up the screws they must be put back in the order they were removed….(note you need a precision screwdriver which you can get here at ifixit, and there very affordable).

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