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Power Cable was ripped out.

My Outdoor Nest Cam power cord was yanked out of the sucket from a farming accident.

I opened up the cam to see about re-wiring it back up but realized there was a whole section of the power cord missing (not likely a planned thief it's very high up and in a goat pen).

I have the USB section with the Red and White wires, but inside the nest cam there are several (Red, white, green and black) connected to the removable slot on the mother board. How would I wire this up.

The wires are super short inside of the cam and I'm not sure if I can strip them and use then. Are there any ways to replace the wires in the socket? Or Know of any companies that make 3rd party parts

Update (09/09/2021)

Block Image

This would be the 4 pin harness connector that would be required to replace the stripped original.

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The red and white wires from the USB port are the power supply.

The red is +ve and white is Earth (or Ground) so they should go to the red and black on the motherboard.

The wiring for the motherboard seems to follow the convention for USB connections i.e. red =+ve batt, black = earth, white and green are the data wires (+ve and -ve).

If the USB port had 4 wires the same colour as the motherboard then it would be wire for wire.

Here’s an image showing the USB wiring colours

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

Hopefully you may be able to joint and sleeve some new wires to the existing ones.

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It looks like the red and white cable was the incorrect one o.0.

Every picture I look at has a flat cord.

The Diagram is Perfect! That alone I think is worth the answer.


Looks like I'll need to order a 4 pin harness designed for USB-a


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