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The Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera is the first of four generations of folding rangefinder Polaroid cameras. It features folding bellows and automatic exposure.

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Corroded battery compartment Polaroid Automatic 100

Is it possible to replace the battery compartment/wiring harness for a Polaroid Automatic 100? Are replacement parts even available? In my unit, there is corrosion, and the Negative wire terminal has broken off (see attached photo). I see a single Philips screw that apparently secures the plastic battery holder in place; but I don’t see a way to remove/replace corroded wires and harness. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @gflashner ,

Here’s the service manual that may help. Maybe you can open the camera using the info in the manual and solder in a new wire to replace the corroded broken old one.

The part number for the battery wire harness is 22694 (as shown in the service manual - see p.26) but I cannot find it online using the part number. (cost was $0.44 in 1970!)

If other parts are also required and cannot be found then this may be an option to consider, depending on the price and the condition of the battery wire harness of course. Just a thought.

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Hi @jayeff . Thanks so much for your detailed recommendations and, in particular, for including the link to the relevant Polaroid service manual. You have been most helpful in guiding my decision as to what to do next!!


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