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The Panasonic Panablack is a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV.

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Help with Service Menu values

Hello everybody! I have a Panasonic Panablack CRT TV, 29inch from 2005, model CT-G2995. It's in perfect condition, except for this: my older brother messed with the service menu screen geometry values and now the screen has bendings on the corners. I tried to adjust the values but there's still some bending and I don't know how to do a factory reset. Could someone please share their values from the same model or other Panasonic models from the same year, maybe a Tau? I can't find a single technician who wants to work on a CRT, let alone opening the device to adjust the potentiometers. Any help will be very useful, thanks in advance!

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Here’s the service manual for the TV, that may help.

It is in Spanish so hopefully it will not be too hard to follow.

Be safety aware and try not to touch the connections on the CRT tube as there is high voltage and it may injure you if you’re not careful

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Thanks a lot for your help!! I already have the service manual, but the are only so many values listed on it (V amp, H size, width, etc). I need the factory values to fix the menu's fine tuning options (top-g, trap, etc) but I can't find them anywhere. That's why I thought the values from a similar model from the same year could be helpful. Thanks again for your help!


Hi I also have the same problem with my tv the service manual is changed on it innotech It's model ru29n208k I did try ever were in the net but got nothing


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