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The screen has a blue tint to it and no color adjustments.

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Philips TV Model 55PFL5402/F7 . Reset to factory settings no help. Unable to change color with Blue, red or green on screen controls. What is the TVs problem??

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My aunt's 55” Phillips looks exactly like the image above. I tried all of the different picture mode settings and firmware update, but the only adjustment that made any difference was to turn the blue saturation as low as it could go. Now it's a bit too red and we're off to buy a new TV.

This was one of those 2018 *Black Friday* Walmart deals with a too good to be true price.


Same things has happened to ours, also a Black Friday deal a few years ago. :/


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Jeff possibly the backlight strips. All LED’s start out as Blue and are then coated. If that coating fails you get more blue/purple hue. Post an image of what your screen looks like so we can see what you see. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

You would have to replace the backlight strips to remedy the blue.

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Posted the TV image. Thanks for response


Now that is blue. this is more than just a blue hue from bad backlights. Dang, it's blue:-) Anyhow this is a case where I would at minimum switch out the T-con board and see if that corrects it. Of course, you did set your menu properly and made sure your adjustments are okay.


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try auto picture that,s how i got rid of the blue color but only 2 setting,s have no blue color but it work,s

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