How to repair Audio connector on a older 2008 13" MacBook Air?

Hi guys.

So, I made a huge mistake and broke an audio connector, it works when I try to sold it, but with normal sold It hold maximum a day and broke again.

What can I do?

Block Image

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I've corrected your system info as you have one of the first MacBook Airs which was a 13" model.

Can you post some pictures of the logic board where the connector was so we can see the solder pads the connector was mounted by as well as the back side of the connector Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


Tecno Russo take a look on your board and locate the 820-XXXX number and let us know what that number is. Most likely either your solder pads are no longer good or it is tearing on the trace. Like it was said before we would need to see what you are looking at. Since you can still solder your connector it appears to be in a condition where it should still hold. The picture that is attached to your question looks like a QT500166-L020a connector and there are some anchor points on that. So, if you can't anchor it properly and it just connects to the solder pads/traces it will most likely tear off (further damaging your board). Either it is not properly soldered or it is missing the anchors. Worst case scenario some underfill with some hot glue (not Crazy Glue)will at least keep it in place. Make sure it is properly soldered....

We need to see your board and your connector not some stock images. That won’t help us any.


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