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Line of business laptops originally sold by IBM and then purchased by Lenovo in 2005. Older models (Pre-XX50) have a WiFi whitelist, so wireless card replacement is not as easy as buying a bulk generic card online.

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How to fix broken microSD card slot spring?

Hello there! I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E580 laptop. And unfortunately the microSD card slot has some issues. I am fairly sure the spring inside doesnt work properly because when i insert the microSD card it pops out right back. The reader doesnt have a problem though because if i prevent microSD card from popping out with my finger behind, device reads it with no problem. FYI device’s warranty is expired. Thanks!

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I’m wondering if it may be easier to replace the I/O board that the SD card reader is mounted on rather than try to fix the spring latch inside the reader and potentially damage the pins etc.

See p.77 of the hardware maintenance manual to view the necessary pre-requisite step and then the procedure to remove the I/O board.

According to the part list (click on Select Commodity > Cards Misc Internal (10) the part number is 01LW409 (supplier example only to show part and cost). There are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for 01LW409 to get results

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I see, probably you are right. Thanks for the answer.


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